Gone are the days when college students focused solely on studying, writing papers and tests. To balance the demands and stresses of today's college experience, students, staff and instructors depend on physical fitness and student recreation centers to stay healthy, active and at their absolute physical and mental best. Student recreation centers are now one of the highlights of a campus tour. Potential students and employees are seeking health club-quality campus resources. No longer is the student recreation center simply a place to gather before the pep rally, and today's students expect nothing less than health club-quality equipment in campus facilities. Star Trac equipment is a durable and rugged yet intuitive, easy-to-use and non-intimidating- ideal for users of varying skill levels, ages and physiques. Built-in safety features and iPod connectivity give your patrons all the necessary and luxury amenities on the market today, while our sleek aesthetics provide an attractive, full-facility solution to your recreation center. Even better, our industry-leading service team and unsurpassed response rate ensure your student body will always be able to keep their bodies moving.

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